Home Hospitality

Host international delegates over a home cooked meal


Hosting international visitors in your home is one of the many benefits of membership with Global Ties KC. These dinners with international visitors are an excellent way to exercise everyday diplomacy and serve as an ambassador for our city. Nothing sets the table for mutual understanding better than sharing a meal with visitors.

The home hospitality was so exciting and we had a chance to experience American hospitality, made friends and experienced deeper mutual understandings.”
— Visitor from China

Home hospitality dinners often make the biggest impact on the international visitors because they create opportunities for more one-on-one conversation and a deeper appreciation for the commonalities of life. Whether it's a summer barbeque or simple family dinner, these visits often lead to long-term friendships and offer a welcoming window for visitors during their stay in the U.S.

You may host an entire group, or a single or pair of visitors. If the visitor(s) do not speak English, Global Ties staff will arrange for an interpreter to accompany your guest(s) for the evening. Visitors may have dietary or other restrictions. This information will be provided to you in advance by the Global Ties programmer working on the visitor’s itinerary.

Please see our Home Hospitality Brochure for further information and FAQs regarding Home Hospitality.


There are currently no upcoming home hospitality opportunities. 

Home Hospitality hosts are responsible for picking up the visitors from their hotel, cooking them a meal, and dropping them off at their hotel upon the conclusion of the night. If you are interested in hosting, please contact Emily Xouris at exouris@globaltieskc.org or call (816) 421-4242.