Open World

Open World has been forging lasting positive relationships between emerging and established leaders in the former Soviet Union and their American counterparts since 1999. Program participants have a range of diverse backgrounds, and they come to the U.S. with the purpose of gaining a better understanding American democracy and the rule of law in the U.S. While here, they are introduced to best practices in critical areas like sustaining NGOs, tackling corruption, promoting an independent judiciary, and so much more. This program is an important, cost-effective investment by the U.S. government in the advancement of democracy, the building of civil societies, and creating a better world for all of us. This is people-to-people exchange at its best.


  2017 Open World delegation at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

2017 Open World delegation at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum


Open World: July 2018

From July 26-August 1, 2018, Global Ties KC will welcome five members of the Ukrainian Parliament to Kansas City. This program will provide visitors with an overview of the U.S. legislative system, sharing best practices in accountable governance, transparency, combatting corruption, decentralization, checks and balances, campaign conduction, and constituent representation. Delegates will meet with local organizations and the offices of Congressional Representatives at state, local, and national levels. 


Past Open World Programs

Combatting Human Trafficking
Ukraine Open World program for March 2017

From March 17-25, 2017,  Global Ties KC hosted a delegation from Ukraine. Delegates met with local non-profit and government agencies within Kansas City to examine the cooperation between the U.S. government and NGOs working to recognize and combat human trafficking.

The Greater Kansas City area is at an intersection of the transportation and commerce of trafficked individuals, resulting in increased rates of exploitation. Programming included time in Kansas City, meetings with key governmental and non-governmental entities, engagement in cultural activities, and host family arrangements.

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