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Ukraine - Open World

Ukraine's Open World Delegation is made of up five individuals, all of whom serve in some capacity on the City Council of their respective hometowns.

Ivan is the Deputy Head for the Dolyna City Council. His main responsibilities are in the control and implementation of City Council decisions.

Maksym is the Deputy Mayor for the Myrhorod City Council. He is responsible for the coordination of several departments and division.

Svitlana is the Deputy Mayor for Municipal Issues for the Prevomaysk City Council. Her work is related to urban development, and land and municipal development.

Andriy is the Head of the Land Resources Committee for the Dolyna City Council. His responsibilities include land regulation and communal property issues.

Taras is the Deputy Mayor for the Lutsk City Council. His position involves organizing executive council activities related to strategic planning, investment policy, and organization development.

During their time in Kansas City, the group will visit with area NGO's, local city governments, and other public/private organizations to support the program's theme of "Federalism". In addition to supporting the program's overall theme, meetings have been planned to give the visitors a chance to meet with and learn from their American counterparts so that they take knowledge and best practices home to implement in their respective cities in Ukraine.