Engage in Diplomacy

Strengthen international ties right in Kansas city

Global Ties KC is your global connection in the Heart of America

The Global Ties KC staff is determined to connect the Kansas City community with the world. To do this, we offer multiple ways to become involved. This includes professional meetings, home hospitality, home stays, and community events. Providing a well rounded American experience for the delegates is our goal, which requires constant engagement from our fellow Kansas Citians.

Engagement Opportunities include:

Professional Resource: Setting up meetings between Kansas City businesses and our delegates is why our international visitors are in Kansas City. We work everyday to foster international collaboration and connect international counterparts.

Home Hospitality: This is often the delegate's most memorable experience while in Kansas City. Open up your home for a night and have an international leader for dinner.

Homestay: If your family has an empty bed and wants to open up your home to the world, then let Global Ties KC be your resource for becoming a host. This is the best way to create lifelong relationships and to better understand a different culture.

Community Events: As a means to connect our delegates with the KC international community, Global Ties KC often hosts community events in their honor. These are typically receptions or potlucks with the purpose of allowing our international guests time to meet and mingle with like-minded Kansas Citians, often over a great meal!