Even after 65 years as a nonprofit organization in Kansas City, Global Ties KC is still launching new initiatives. This week, a Youth Diplomat Retreat. Dozens of students from all corners of the city met early on Saturday, April 27th to learn about the international opportunities present in their own communities. Throughout the day, they took part in interactive conversations with their peers as well as heard from a panel of guests engaged in diplomacy through independent study, and their work in tech, law, marketing and KC area development. The Youth Diplomats cohort were introduced to global affairs workshops and cultural understanding simulations that encouraged them to be an ambassador to their neighbors near and far.

The purpose of the day-long workshop was to provide students with an understanding of what it truly means to be a global citizen. What you see on the outside of someone’s culture is just the tip of the iceberg.


Several students walked away with a better understanding of what the word “culture” is, like Raina who said, “today I learned what my culture is. Before, I barely even knew the definition of the word. I still have more to learn, but today was a great introduction.” The purpose of the day was to be a stepping stone for the upcoming global citizens of Kansas City, as means of connecting them to each other and our community. Global Ties KC saw such passion from the students for the one day that we are ready to expand on it even further.

This retreat was the launch of the Youth Diplomats Program which will meet once a month September through May of the 2019-2020 school year. These program opportunities through Global Ties KC are available to high school students with a graduation date of 2020 or later.