70 Stories: Mos Sesupeng, Entrepreneurial Spirit From Botswana to KC

Empowering Global Entrepreneurs: Mos Sesupeng’s Journey with Global Ties KC

The entrepreneurial spirit transcends cultural boundaries, exemplified by Mosalagae “Mos” Sesupeng’s journey from Francistown, Botswana, to Kansas City in 1992. His participation in an Entrepreneurs International USAID program, facilitated by Global Ties KC, serves as an example of the power of international collaboration.

Community-Driven Beginnings: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit in Francistown

As an entrepreneur, Mos already knew how to take advantage of every opportunity for himself and his community. Six years before his exchange, Mos identified a critical need in his hometown and opened a butcher shop in a food desert in Francistown, Botswana. So, not only was he was addressing a vital community need but also setting the stage for Mos to become a thriving business owner. Seeking to expand his expertise in grocery store management and to bring innovative strategies back to his community, Mos eagerly joined the exchange program. 

Building Connections in Kansas City

During his ten-day exchange, Global Ties KC arranged for Mos to work with local grocery stores, with the bulk of his time spent at Meiners Sun Fresh (now Cosentino’s Sun Fresh) in Brookside. Working closely alongside store manager Dennis Meiners, Mos learned strategies to enhance efficiency, item pricing, and department manager autonomy.

“The amount of dedication and respect that the workers have for their jobs is great,” Mos shared with a local newspaper. “I can’t explain it, but maybe it’s because of their training.”

Dennis was equally impressed by Mos’s “willingness to learn and his great personality.”

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Transforming Botswana’s Economy

Armed with newfound knowledge and insights, Mos returned to Botswana, eager to make an impact. His expertise propelled him into a leadership role in Botswana’s economic landscape as a member of the High-Level Consultative Council. This council of economic development leaders, chaired by Botswana’s president, was integral to the growth of Botswana’s private sector. 

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“I didn’t know what to expect, but what I learned [was] very helpful.” – Mosalagae “Mos” Sesupeng

Mos’s exchange set him up to be a major player in his nation’s success and a perfect example of entrepreneurial spirit.


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