Armenian Educators Explore Educational Technology in Kansas City on an Open World Program

“Do you know where Armenia is?” This was a common question asked by the group throughout the week, and for most, the answer was “not before I researched it this morning.” This common response feels like a reflection of the majority of the US population. While Armenia lies in the South Caucasus region of the world, it is often outshined on the political stage by its neighbors Turkey and Iran.

A nation of three million people, with seven million more ethnic Armenians living abroad, Armenia is a country that has given birth to famous artists such as Arshile Gorky, authors such as William Saroyan, and philosophers such as George Gurjieff. While best known for the Armenian genocide of the early 20th century, Armenia offers so much more than just a story of tragedy. Armenians are incredibly hospitable and love to share their rich culture with the world.

Global Ties KC was very honored to host a group of Armenian Educators on an Open World Program October 14-22, 2022. This program was funded by the Congressional Office for International Leadership. Their visit focused on integrating technology into the education system, for use in in-person, hybrid, and online environments.

Throughout the week delegates met with resources to exchange ideas about technology in education. Over the week, the group met with these organizations:

  • University of Kansas School of Education
  • Virtual Realities to Integrate Social Skills
  • University of Central Missouri School of Education
  • Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program
  • Missouri Innovation Campus
  • LEAD Innovation Studio
  • Regional Professional Development Center
  • Mid-America Regional Council
  • Rick Usher, Digital Equity Specialist
  • KC Stem Alliance
  • Ad Astra

Their program was made complete through the generous support of volunteer host families, who showcased the hospitality of the Midwest and all of the cultural activities our city has to offer, including the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, performances at the Kauffman Center, and even a viewing of the Chiefs game at the Power & Light District. We cannot thank our host families enough, and are incredibly grateful for their generosity.