Through home hospitality meals, Global Ties KC programs create opportunities from around the world to connect with Americans on a very personal level. For one local host, Mary Ripka, this fellowship time often extends past the dinner table. Bringing her visitors into the kitchen to help with meal prep, she has stories of comparing spice racks- and the aha moments when asking a visitor from Africa what she would prepare if she was hosting, to the bridge building response of “the same type of chicken, and the same type of potatoes!”. Sitting on the front porch when the summer warms up, and talking about day-to-day challenges and opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs. And in her unique case, opening up her walk-in closet, to let her female guests peruse, and try on her multitude of fun hats. Its these intimate, heartfelt moments and memories that leave a lasting impression with our visitors. Thank you to all of our hosts, who create these experiences!