During their first night in Kansas City these visitors had an opportunity to meet with our own wonderful diplomatic representatives in the form of our Youth Diplomats students, some of whom are pictured above with the delegation.

The discussion that unfolded between these professional diplomats and our aspiring ones was, in a word, sagacious. Many insightful and complicated questions were fielded pertaining to the nuances and difficulties of international cooperation and problem-solving, and all of the benefits.

Overall, this delegation represented another important moment for Global Ties KC – the conclusion of another wonderful year of broadening Kansas City’s view of the world and the world’s view of Kansas City. After 47 programs and 423 visitors, 2019 wrapped itself up in the most perfect fashion possible – watching the leaders of today meet with the leaders of tomorrow.

Entering into the New Year, we look forward to another year of amazing meetings and opportunities such as this one for foreign dignitaries, Kansas City students, and Kansas Citians as a whole. Stay tuned for your chance to meet amazing individuals and watch our upcoming events listings to be sure you’re in the know!