Youth in Global Action: Announcing the 2024 Heartland Pop-Up Event Chair

Bela Sullivan is an incoming Junior at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, pursuing a Joint Honours BA in International Development and Gender Studies. Additionally, Bela plays a pivotal role as an executive member of the McGill Youth Advisory Delegation (MYAD), a respected youth-led NGO with consultative status at the United Nations. In this capacity, she spearheads initiatives aiming to integrate youth perspectives into international agreements and policies. 

While Bela continues to make waves on an international scale, she started her professional trajectory with Global Ties KC in multiple capacities. Bela was a:

  • Participant of the Youth Diplomats Institute from 2020-2021, engaging monthly in cultural skill-building and professional development activities, implemented by Global Ties KC. 
  • Global Ties KC Communications Intern, contributing to office projects and messaging to enhance the presence of the organization. 
  • Workshop facilitator for several international youth delegations, allowing Bela to discuss with her peers how they can become more civically engaged. 
  • Recipient of Global Ties KC’s 2022 Barbara Dolci International Studies Scholarship to aid in the pursuit of her degree at McGill. 

Presently pursuing a Joint Honours BA in International Development and Gender Studies, she actively participates in research concerning community engagement in public health governance. Notably, Bela is leading collaborative efforts at the UN Commission on the Status of Women and has independently authored a compelling policy proposal focused on recognizing and leveraging female indigenous knowledge in biodiversity conservation. Her proposal is currently under review for implementation in a Caribbean nation, underscoring Bela’s commitment to effecting tangible change and fostering inclusive policies at a global level. 

Bela is featured as our Honorary Chair for the 2024 Heartland Pop-Up, a Benefit for Global Ties KC. Bela’s vision for a more prosperous world for all is an inspiration and a model for how Global Ties KC programming and initiatives can shape a global future for youth in Kansas and Missouri. 

The Heartland Pop-Up is an annual fundraiser for Global Ties KC, where all of the donations go directly back to the Youth Diplomats Institute and students like Bela. The Youth Diplomats Institute is a completely free real-world learning opportunity for high school students from the Midwest to explore careers and develop their global mindset. Participants meet once monthly for workshops, meetings with international leaders, and community exploration activities. Global Ties KC is committed to fostering a generation that is prepared to interact with the world and take advantage of all of the opportunities. We prioritize accessibility through virtual sessions, encouraging rural students from both sides of the state line to participate. 

Global Ties KC and Bela all hope you join us on May 9, 2024 for celebration, food, live music, and giving. Tickets can be purchased here. You can find Bela on LinkedIn at

You can find more information about the event and purchase tickets here: 2024 Heartland Pop Up

About Global Ties KC 

Global Ties KC has served as the premier connection point and bridge between the Heartland and the world for 70 years by activating citizen diplomacy and relationship building through exchange. Professional exchanges and local student programs provide an avenue for everyone to access the cultural, professional, and financial opportunities that are present through person-to-person global engagement.