Building International Relationships Since 1954

Global Ties KC is an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve global understanding and make peace through exchange programs between international leaders and their American counterparts in Kansas and Western Missouri. Global Ties KC promotes citizen diplomacy by person-to-person contacts to help shape United States foreign relations "one handshake at a time."

Global Ties KC promotes citizen diplomacy and shapes foreign affairs by facilitating person-person contact. This is done through programs which bring prominent international leaders, professionals, and students to the U.S. Our staff is responsible for creating connections between these delegates and the greater Kansas City community. Through professional meetings, school visits, home hospitality, and much more, we connect you to the world. Get involved today through hosting, attending events, sharing your experience, or volunteering in the office.

Citizen Diplomacy: The Concept that every global citizen has the right, even the responsibility, to engage across cultures and create shared understanding through meaningful person-to-person interactions.


Community support and contributions allow Global Ties KC to impact foreign affairs and showcase the best of Kansas City to the world. Help us build relationships around the globe and coordinate each of the programs we bring to you.

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