Global Ties KC 2024 Heartland Pop-Up Event: a Resounding Success

Fostering International Connections in Kansas City Since 1954

The Global Ties KC Heartland Pop-Up friend-raiser, held on Thursday, May 9, at Haverty Yards, Union Station Kansas City, was a remarkable success, drawing over 150 attendees and marking the beginning of Global Ties KC’s 70th-anniversary celebration. This event underscored the organization’s commitment to fostering international understanding and cooperation.

Cultivating Cross-Cultural Understanding

The evening was highlighted by engaging speeches from key figures, including President & CEO Courtney Brooks, Board Chair Shabina Kavimandan, Youth Diplomat Alum and Event Chair Isabela Sullivan, and Barbara Dolci Scholarship winner Justin Preston. Attendees were treated to live music by Jason Craig and the Wingmen, a captivating Chinese Dragon Dance performed by The Society For Friendship With China, and delectable food provided by Brancato’s Catering and Twisted Taters.

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Empowering Youth Leadership for Global Engagement

Thanks to the generosity of attendees who participated in the raffle, wine toss, and made personal donations, all funds raised will directly support the Youth Diplomats Institute. This initiative is crucial for empowering young leaders and fostering international collaboration and understanding among students in the Heartland.


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Special International Delegation from Libya in Kansas City

Coinciding with the Heartland Pop-Up event, Global Ties KC welcomed an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) delegation from Libya from May 8-11, 2024. This delegation included the Libyan Minister of Communications and Political Affairs, Mr. Walid Ellafi, along with six advisors and members of his network. The program aimed to illustrate the U.S. policy framework for advancing democracy and civic engagement in the digital age. Their visit also included participation in the Heartland Pop-Up.

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70 Years, 70 Inspiring Stories

As part of the 70th-anniversary celebration, Global Ties KC launched the “70 Years, 70 Stories” campaign earlier this year, and it was prominently highlighted at the event. A feature wall displayed stories and memories from the past seven decades, highlighting the impact and reach of Global Ties KC’s programs and initiatives. This campaign aims to collect and share personal stories from alumni, hosts, volunteers, and participants, celebrating the diverse and meaningful connections fostered over the years.

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Appreciation To Our Sponsors and Community Support

Global Ties KC extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the Heartland Pop-Up friend-raiser and contributed to its success. Special thanks to our sponsors, including 21c Museum Hotels, Union Station Kansas City, Welcoming KC, Cultural Wanderer, SHS Consulting, Ethnic Enrichment Commission, Lockton, Barbara Dolci and Larry Dolci, Roger Heinrich and Lisa DeAngelo, and Agenda: USA. Their support was instrumental in making this event possible.

Upcoming Hosting Opportunities & Event Pictures

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Thank you for making the 2024 Heartland Pop-Up a memorable start to our 70th-anniversary celebrations! Find all of the event pictures in this Facebook album.